A friend of mine asked me to review his new blog post. I gave it a read and compiled some loose feedback, but I missed a way to easily annotate specific text passages!

I did some digging online and found a tool called Hypothesis, which can be embedded into webpages.

This is now part of this website! It’s activated by appending #review to a webpages URL. Try it out, open this page in review mode!

If you like this, you can integrate it into your own site by including this snippet on your page:

if (location.hash === "#review") {
  var el = document.createElement("script")
  el.src = "https://hypothes.is/embed.js"

You can now get even better feedback from your peers by sending them a review-mode link to your (unpublished) blog posts. Yay! :D

If this short tip was useful to you, let me know on Twitter! ☺️