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Yesterday we announced that Quirrel, the project i’ve been working on for the past couple of months, was acquired by Netlify.


Open-Source-Software is pervasive throughout our industry.

While all-proprietary systems may have been a thing twenty years ago, modern tech stacks are comprised of tons of OSS. And although OSS lives and breathes through collaboration and contribution of all community members, most of us remain nothing but users.

In this article, I’ll show you why I think that’s a bad thing and I’ll give you a guide on how to make good contributions yourself.


A friend of mine asked me to review his new blog post. I gave it a read and compiled some loose feedback, but I missed a way to easily annotate specific text passages!


I was on the FSJam Podcast! We talked about how I got into programming, my work on SuperJSON and Quirrel. Give it a listen:

Thanks for having me, Anthony & Christopher!


This is the accompanying blog post to a talk I originally held at the Berlin Typescript meetup.


TODO: Actually write the blog post ;D

I’m building a task queueing solution for Next.js! Check out Quirrel, I think you’ll like it ☺️


In most cases, we care about the results of our HTTP Requests. But sometimes, it’s just about making the request, and not so much about the response. In these cases, it may be wise to save yourself some network bandwidth by ignoring the response entirely.

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