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Hi! I’m Simon, and I’m passionate about supercharging software development through well-built developer tooling.

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📍 Location: Berlin, Germany

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📚 Studying: IT Systems Engineering @ Hasso Plattner Institute

As a member of HPI's "Schülerklub", I teach school children about computer science. I sometimes devise custom-made learning tools, e.g. Protocols Playground or numLisp.

My full CV can be found on LinkedIn.

Other Projects
  • Built & marketed EntE, a digital excuse workflow for schools. Was used at two german schools, ~1500 users. Won the Dr. Hans-Riegel-Fachpreis.
  • Built prisma-erd, a Prisma schema visualizer.
  • Created Markdown Link Expander and Tweet Expander, VS Code extensions to simplify markdown-based note taking.
  • Built keyfwd, a tool to remote-control keyboards.
  • Adapted Alex, the linter for respectful writing, as a browser extension.
  • Designed & Built Shortcutlery, a utility for adding terminal commands to Spotlight.
  • Toyed with F# for RailMail, a reactive SMTP dispatcher.
  • Built Signer, a JWKS provider and key rotation library.
  • Built Promoot, a ticketing solution used for parties at my high school.