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I'm a junior software developer who currently goes to school at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium, Bonn.



A Digital Excuse Workflow for Schools. This was my term project in 2018 and won the "Dr.-Hans-Riegel-Fachpreis". It conforms to the 12-Factor-App and is written with Typescript, React and Node. Continuous Integration, Unit tests and E2E-Tests, Docker Builds and automatic provisioning with Ansible is set up.


I made this blog as a home to my "Lernblog" and as an online portfolio. It's made using Jekyll and the beatiful Leonids theme by Renyuanz. In the process of creating it, I learned a lot about the way jekyll works and about website hosting in general. My contribution to the open source project is the resume page you are looking at right now.

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vplan is a viewing tool for Untis, a time-table-management-tool for schools. It provides students and teachers with up-to-date information about their upcoming courses. The whole project is implemented in Typescript, the backend uses Express and Redis, the frontend is a SPA based on React and Redux. The mobile app uses React Native and shares the state logic with the frontend. It has Docker Builds, Continuous Integration and provisioning with Ansible set up.


A reactive mail dispatcher written in F#. It takes mail dispatching requests via a REST API or an AMQP Queue and delivers via SMTP. Uses Giraffe and Docker.




August 2017 - Junior Software Developer @ OrbiTeam
July 2017 Programming Internship @ Fraunhofer FIT
May 2017 - December 2017 Web Assistant @ MobileBeat
2016 - 2017 Student Representative @ EMA


Dr. Hans Riegel-Fachpreis: 1st Prize (2018)
Received for EntE.